sketch jazz! 

I love music, especially Jazz. So I go to concerts to sketch the musicians. Every concert is different, each musician is different. Sometimes it´s so dark, I can hardly see and I really have to be quick to catch the spirit I feel. When I´m really struck by the music I take the sketches as basis for other artwork. And I´m always looking forward to the next concert.

Exhibition  Sketch Jazz" Jazzinstitut Darmstadt

from 10th January to 31st of March

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dazz-Festival Darmstadt 2020, Bessunger Knabenschule, GALEANO-PROJEKT: Lesung und Jazz mit Holger Nesweda, Hanns Höh, Uli Partheil, Peter Back, Peter Lehmann

dazz-Festival Darmstadt 2020, Jazztalk im Gewölbekeller des Jazzinstituts: Tom Rainey, Mary Halvorson, Ingrid Laubrock

dazz-Festival Darmstadt 2020, "Gute Stube", Vorwärts / Rückwärts: Maike Hilbig, Johannes Fink, Gerhard Gschlossl

dazz-Festival Darmstadt 2020,  Förderverein Jazz, im Gewölbekeller des Jazzinstituts mit FUSK:

Rudi Mahall, Tomasz Dabrowski, Andreas Lang, Kasper Tom Christiansen