namasté, नमस्ते, welcome, willkommen!

Dear visitor,

welcome to my homepage. As I am an German artist, my homepage is written in German, I'm sorry.
But happily pictures don't need translations. So I hope you like to look at my artwork: have fun!

Here are some facts about my work and me:

I live in Darmstadt, a city in the middle of Germany with about 150.000 inhabitants.

I studied communications & design in Darmstadt and I habe been working as an artist and illustrator for almost thirty years. I always have been interested in all kinds of art so I kept learning many different illus-tration techniques: drawing with ink, pens oder stencils, painting, scratchboard, doing collages etc.

Being an artist I am always looking for new techniques and ways to express myself.

As a child I spent my first four years in Kabul/Afghanistan. My parents travelled through India and loved asian art. So I was surrounded by Hindi gods and buddhistic art. The first paintings I copied were mughal miniatures. I grew up with the sound of sitar and sarod in my ears and the wonderful asian craftsmanship in my heart.

Nepalese myths and legends – my art-project in Nepal

Long years ago I travelled to India and Thailand. I was captivated by Indian culture but more than that I have longed to visit Nepal for years
I am fascinated by the mountains, the art of thangka painting, Nepalese myths and legends.

And so I decided to visit Nepal as an artist to find out about myths and legends, to get to know art and craftsmanship of this wonderful country. I also would like to look at the technique of thangka-painting and I would love to get to know musicians and artists.

It would be great to exchange ideas and visions. So I plan to visit Kathmandu and the Everest region and all those spots, that seem challenging to me.

I take the picture below with me. It illustrates an old Himalayan fairytale, that I heard, when I was a child. I adore this tale about dreams and the power of artistic visions –  and love.